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Purchasing Inbound Freight

Simplified's process creates best case shipping practices for its clients. Inbound routings can utilize these same best case practices but require coordination with purchasing departments and vendors. Typically the largest percent of transportation savings comes in this area.

Enforcing your new best case practices on your vendor base is both a one-time change an an ongoing operational process. Simplified's can help with both. Your freight costs have changed - the decision to purchase freight included or collect needs to be re-examined. When complete - all vendors will have access to your personalized vendor routing via hard copy or our online technology. Non-compliance will be quantified for excess cost which you can chargeback to the vendor.

Many clients have "hidden freight cost" buried in vendor invoices. Simplified's economic analysis can dig out these costs and position you to understand where the opportunity to save money exists by changing terms to take advantage of your lower freight costs.

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