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When it comes to technology, Simplified Logistics has built one of the most advanced cloud based TMS platforms in the industry. Once your best case practices are “in the box” there is a need to get them “to the dock”. TrueDoc is the interface Simplified Logistics provides when it comes time to actually make a shipment. Whether you choose to integrate with existing systems, or utilize our cloud based platform; TrueDoc acts as front door to access the optimal rates in the Simplified Logistics program.

Simplified customers can easily integrate via a simple call to our technology to get answers populated into existing systems or utilize our cloud based TMS to get the right routing, create paperwork and tender shipments electronically.

To access the best practice rating technology many clients will integrate their current in-house WMS, TMS or Bill of lading systems. This allows each client to select a wide variety of shipping requirements from their current technology and select the best practice rate within the constraints.

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