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Technology evolved over decades with thousands of users.

The current solution set is cloud-based and hosted in redundant, secure, external, Tier 1 data centers. Our design intent is to put your corporate pricing and preferences into practice in all areas of your business – not just the transportation department. 

Our technology systems are made to fit your unique needs. It’s not a matter of choosing a system a la carte, it’s more about what makes sense for your operation today as well as your future operation. That’s what we are here to help you with.

With our TrueRate technology, Freight rates, routes, service times and your contracts are automated and made accessible to you online. You also have the option to have them integrated with your internal systems. Bring your best case practices down to dock level execution with TrueDoc – our very own cloud-based transportation management system. With TrueYield, transactional level benchmarking proves realized savings and also identifies unrealized opportunity. 

Case Study

Case Study

Rationalized a Corporate LTL Pricing Program

Simplified Logistics, LLC

A team of corporate professionals recognized the need to streamline the process, as it had become very time consuming and difficult to support.

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