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Saving Money - Upgrade your best case practices.

Through a variety of interrelated services we help you establish, operate, and manage your best case transportation buying and shipping practices.

The Simplified Logistics business model is built on transportation savings. The initial stage of engagement begins with a needs analysis to determine parameters and constraints for each unique client. Read more about our Benchmark Analysis.

Potential freight savings becomes actual savings through a competitive bid of your transportation. A successful bid initiates an implementation process of new lower rates and the Simplified operational and technology processes best suited for your environment. What’s stopping you from realizing your true savings?

Loading Carrier contracts against the base scale is the foundation. Routing carriers by shipping facility and geography is the framework. Loading carrier service guides, transit times and customer specific routing into our cloud based technology creates a full featured best case practices decision tool accessible to all facilities and external systems. Learn more about establishing best case carrier selection and routing practices.

Case Study

Case Study

Transportation Savings Opportunity in Excess of 18%

Simplified Logistics, LLC

A Midwest company with an acquisition growth strategy was utilizing a well known logistics provider to support their transportation

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