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We make the headaches of freight payment a distant memory.

At Simplified, freight payment is the heart of our operations. Freight is the product we buy and sell. This is in contrast to freight payment companies who view it as just pieces of paper or EDI records to be processed for a fee per bill.

Our process for bidding all carriers on a single scale of rates at a single FAK positions the freight payment process to be automated with simplified rate structures. Automated rates and contracts feed directly into freight payables. Simplify your freight payment process by automating the rate structures and contracts into our TrueRate engine. This will enable better shipping decisions leading to cost reductions in the freight as well as administrative simplicity in the payables process. With Simplified Logistics’ freight payment option, not just the easy transactions – but all transactions get processed, reviewed, and paid by our team. No more headaches dealing with repetitive kick-outs and exceptions. Integration with all of our other technologies and your internal system creates a seamless process freeing up your team to handle more productive opportunities.

Case Study

Case Study

Automated Data Collection for Chemical Company

Simplified Logistics, LLC

Simplified’s audit and publishing verified freight charges process has improved the funding regimen by providing the relevant information.

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