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Simplified Logistics understands the needs of C-Level clients and provides access to the data they need to make decisions. For many clients, transportation is a significant cost component for the company. Often times, the C-Level contact does not have the view into transportation to be able to make decisions and hold employees accountable for the spend.

Our clients utilize a configurable and feature laden homepage as their portal to all Simplified Services. See here

Managing and reducing your transportation costs isn’t just about lowering your rates. How your shipping locations and vendors choose to ship; via what mode, carrier and frequency typically is the largest single opportunity to improve your transportation yield. Putting numbers to the difference between your actual practices vs. your best case ones creates targeted initiatives to convert potential to realized savings.

Simplified Logistics addresses the needs of high level decision makers though our TrueYield analysis. This report is automatically generated to show an ongoing measurement of the savings realized. In addition, TrueYield shows specific opportunities to improve savings by comparing your actual practice against Simplified Logistics suggested best case practices.

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