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We assemble data into actionable information for cost reductions.

Transportation is complex and typically is an “adjunct” to the actual business most companies operate. Business systems are designed around the business vs. specifically for managing transportation expenses.

Having good data sets the stage for making good business decisions. Simplifed’s process starts by identifying your needs and determining an initial savings opportunity estimate. However, translating opportunity into hard cost savings starts with a competitive bid of your transportation expense with a practical (vs. theoretical) deliverable that recognizes your operating constraints.

Execution, on the other hand, requires access to not only your new rates with carriers, but also your preferred carrier selection. In addition contract terms such as lineal foot and cubic capacity must also be considered. TrueRate merges contract pricing, service times, customer preference and other factors into a cloud based pricing and decision engine. How do you currently make your buying and shipping decisions? Shouldn’t you start with the facts? Learn more...

Process management for ongoing change and savings optimization is built into the daily operation of every client solution. Understanding not only what you have achieved but where additional opportunities exist is at your fingertips. Get more with business intelligence. 

Case Study

Case Study

Analyzed Impact of Distribution Center Move

Simplified Logistics, LLC

This supplier has four distribution centers in the US. They made the decision to relocate their Connecticut Distribution Center to a larger location.

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