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LTL Transportation Needs Analysis

The Simplified Logistics business model is built on transportation savings. The initial stage of engagement begins with a needs analysis to determine parameters and constraints for each unique client.

Simplified Logistics maintains long-term relationships with a wide range of clients and that collectively achieves LTL spend of over $200 million annually. The volume of LTL transportation requires the absolute best talent, technology, and practices to effectively manage the business. For our clients, access to the people and processes typically found at Fortune 100 shippers becomes a reality.

In the needs analysis stage, Simplified Logistics takes an in-depth look at one month of freight data. This process comes at no cost to you. We like to look at this as a doctor’s check-up or an oil change. Once in a while does it make sense to compare commodity pricing against a best case practice benchmark?

LTL Savings Potential Analysis

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