CI Capital, Simplified and Redwood Join Forces!
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Applying 30 years' experience in supply chain design and operation.

We apply our experience to your specific circumstances creating a "step up" in your best case practices. Coupled with new technology, this provides new opportunities to better serve your clients at a lower cost.

We want you to understand that we already are going to save you money on your LTL Freight expenses. For our clients, access to the people and processes typically found at Fortune 100 shippers becomes a reality. In this way, your best-case market pricing is established through competitive bidding. But what we really want you to get is far beyond that, it’s a better way to operate your business. Simplified Logistics provides the tools to not only save you money, but to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Our operating solutions provide online access to all real-time contracted pricing - nothing is hidden. You can finally make decisions based upon cost, service, and of course, just plain preference. Additionally, tendering and tracking your shipments has never been easier with access to our Cloud-Based Shipping Systems.

Case Study

Case Study

Company Picked Carrier Base for Distribution

Simplified Logistics, LLC

Simplified Logistics took a two-step approach to determine if they were the right LTL third party logistics company for the freezer company. The first step was data collection.

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