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Choosing a logistics provider can be confusing.   Services, even those heavily enabled with technology are still driven by many intangibles.  One of the biggest challenges we help clients overcome is how to apply our services in the context of their business and needs.   A variety of examples of how this has worked for our clients is contained in following Case Studies and White papers.

The names have been removed to protect the productive and happy customers in these examples but references are always available when you are at that point in your decision.

Transportation Savings Opportunity in Excess of...

A Midwest company with an acquisition growth strategy was utilizing a well known logistics provider to support their transportation more

  • Implemented a delivery notification process
  • Assisted in rationalization of carrier mix
  • Decreased transportation spend of entities
Negotiated Lower Rates to Support...

We were working with the largest U.S. based manufacturer of resin dryers for the plastics industry. Their association broadens more

  • Experienced LTL savings of over 18%
  • Significantly lowered liability rates
  • Implemented benchmarking system
Automated Data Collection for Chemical...

Simplified’s audit and publishing verified freight charges process has improved the funding regimen by providing the relevant more

  • Eliminated duplicate payment to carriers
  • Outsourcing led to accurate costing and forecasting
  • Improved visibility for all departments
Rationalized a Corporate LTL Pricing...

A team of corporate professionals recognized the need to streamline the process, as it had become very time consuming and difficult more

  • Freight savings of 26% was realized
  • Holistic automation of service center documentation
  • Eliminated cumbersome accounting
Company Picked Carrier Base for...

A freezer company had kept their RFP process for LTL in house since the company’s inception. Recently, however it seemed they were more

  • Gained visibility into costs like never before
  • Reporting on metrics that were not previously possible
  • Did not spend any capital to build the program
Analyzed Impact of Distribution Center...

We were working with a leading supplier of domestic and industrial supplies and materials that is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. more

  • Analyzed shipping costs and service times
  • Re-rated shipments from seven potential zip codes
  • Performed analysis in less than 24 hours
Optimized Modes of Label...

A label company had partnered with a third party logistics company for a multimode solution. With such a heavy focus in one mode, more

  • Streamlined data collection from previous company
  • Enhanced bid process to LTL base carriers
  • Resulted in six figure savings
Controlling the Complicated World of LTL Distribution

Distributors are always looking for better ways to control the increasingly complicated world of Less than Truckload (LTL) distribution. PDF

Finding Gold in Logistics

How an external logistics expert can help Accounting and PE Firms improve business performance of clients and PDF

The Simplicity of Results Driven Partnering

Organizations need to overcome purchase driven decisions. The “choice” carrier is often times not the optimized carrier; thus costs are driven up PDF

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